All the best for the people those who’re buying the list, please hold atleast till this year end (2021) to get 2x to 3x profit, Good luck.

To become a Successful TRADER

As a Beginner:

● I must Learn
● I’ll do Trade with proper capital
● I have huge Patience
● I know Money Management & Risk Management
● I’ll Do Own Research before Every Trade!
● I’ll accept both Profit & Impermanent Loss.
● I won’t do Panic Selling.
● I don’t fear about Red Candles
● I’ll put Stop loss and Take Profit for Every Trade!

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There are several factors to look out for when we analyse any coin:

● Team
● Roadmap
● Development and releases
● Whitepaper
● Partnerships
● Community and reviews
● Liquidity and volume
● Real-world use case
● Social Activity
● Price history
● Market cap


● Successful products have…

“THE ₿ WORD” event was happened today where ELON MUSK (CEO of Tesla), JACK DORSEY (CEO of Square inc.) and CATHIE WOOD (CEO of Ark investment) talk about Bitcoin.

Statement from Elon Musk

  1. Bitcoin solving many problems. It is scarce — decentralised — nobody can hack it — open ledger — no errors.
  2. In…

🔔 Tips for saving yourself from token allowance exploits on Uniswap / Pancake swap / Smart contracts, specially for newcomers.

Note : This applies on almost every chain like BSC, MATIC, HECO, KCC etc

👉 I assume you guys approve usdt/usdc/other erc20 tokens on any DAPP/ DEX/ Smart Contract with unlimited allowance then wanna share this article to inform newcomers about such things in Crypto Space. …

Blockchain and Network Abbreviations

BIP — Bitcoin Improvement Proposal
BTM — Automatic Teller Machine for Bitcoin
DAO — Decentralized Autonomous Organization
DPoS — Delegated Proof of Stake
EEA — Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
EIP — Ethereum Improvement Proposal
ERC — Ethereum Request for Comments
TRC — Tron Request for Comments
EVM — Ethereum Virtual Machine
FA — Fundamental Analysis
LN —…

Maheshkumar Selvaraj

Never lose hope, You never know what Tomorrow may bring. Community : Telegram :

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